Congratulations mommy to be! You’ve likely listened to a ton of advice from well-meaning moms. But, how many mothers have advised you about natural treatments for unavoidable bumps, fevers, earaches or headaches your child will experience?

Chances are, they don’t want to alarm you. However, if you’re a first-timer, you need and deserve correct knowledge about at-home first aid.

It’s not a question of “if” accidents or illness will occur; the question is “what’s-a-mom-to-do” when faced with these circumstances.

Take ear infections…

75% of children suffer at least 1 earache by their 3rd birthday.

Study up on the signs of an ear infection. Understand that even without medical intervention, they usually resolve within a week. The immediate situation – until your child quits speaking baby-gibberish, how do you know he’s got an earache?

Usually, she will pull on the affected ear and howl nonstop. Usually, it occurs about 2AM on a Saturday morning when you can’t reach baby’s pediatrician.

So, mommy to be, may we gently suggest that you take preemptive action? Now is not too soon. Order a Ouchie Cap™. It’s the one essential item you will use again and again. Not familiar with this awesome baby product?

Kids aren’t scared of this “first-aid cap” shaped like Toby the Puppy and Tulip the Bunny. They will soon consider Toby and Tulip bestest friends. Two non-toxic gel packs are included, which alternate as cold or heat therapy. The Ouchie Cap is machine washable.

You’ll be less stressed. No more struggling to keep your toddler still while you hold a drippy bag of frozen peas on his goose bump. Instead, remove the gel packs from the freezer, pop them in the cap and settle the cozy cap on your toddler’s head.

You’ll save money with this two-fer. Every Ouchie Cap  contains two complimentary gel packs. Multi-purpose gel packs alone run $10-$20 each. For only $16.99, you’ll get the Ouchie Cap plus two hot or cold gel packs.

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