Are You Money Saving Mom? If So Check This Out!

Hey money saving mom! Have you heard the buzz about the unique Ouchie Cap? It was developed by real parents for their real child, who was in distress after bumping his noggin.

These innovative parents realized that when kids get hurt, they want mommy to give them comfort. But, the ‘old way’ of trying to hold an ice pack on a wiggly, crying child kept mom’s hands ‘tied up’, so to speak.

So, they wondered…what about a cap, designed like a character, kids would recognize? One that would keep mom’s hands free. They developed two distinct designs – Toby the puppy and Tulip the bunny – put non-toxic gel packs inside and voila! – the Ouchie Cap.

But, then Money Savings Moms inquired, is it safe? Having been blessed by a pediatrician and family doctor, you can bet’cha baby’s booties the healing cap is safe.

They are made from a blend of cotton, spandex and polyester. Not only are the caps comfortable, they keep the therapeutic gel packs in place.

But – money saving mom wanted more! So, let’s explore the various ways you will save money.

  1. The gel packs have a long lifespan. You can use them again and again. Pop them in the freezer; heat in the microwave and the packs come out looking brand new.

  2. The ‘first-aid’ cap is machine washable.

  3. Shipping is free to U.S. residents.

  4. Caps are tax-free.

  5. You’ll realize big savings, by not having to buy over the counter meds, with their nasty side-effects.

Are you a money saving mom? Want kids ice packs and hot & cold packs that they will actually wear? Cool Gel N Cap is the only first aid cap for kids and the fun cold & warm compress your kids will actually wear.The Ouchie Cap is so simple to use, even kindergartners can prepare their own first-aid cap. Here’s how:

  • Turn cap inside out and put the spiffy gel packs in place. Now turn the cap right side out.
  • Place the cap on child’s head so that the compress hovers over the affected area.
  • Since your hands aren’t encumbered, you can cuddle and croon to your Little One.

At only $16.99, you’ll no doubt agree Toby and Tulip are cost effective. And for you money saving mom, who wanted more, you’ll get more.

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