Baby Safety Tips You Need To Read!

Baby safety can become very overwhelming.  We understand the importance but how do you know what is going overboard and what is really important?

Well, in honor of September which is National Baby Safety Month, we’ve created our Top Five Tips To Baby Safety!

5.  Starting with bath time!  If your child has gotten too big for the kitchen sink baths, try getting them a baby bath tub that sits in your regular bath tub.  Bathing him in your regular adult tub can be a very slippery, possibly stressful experience and you don’t want that.  Make sure you have all the things you’ll need ahead of time, the soap, washcloth, drying towel, and even if you are expecting a phone call bring it with you so you never have to leave your child.  Number One Rule of bath time never leave your child unattended, he could drown in as little as 1 inch of water!  If you’re worried you won’t know what the right temperature is you can buy a handy bath thermometer it tells you when the water is too hot or cold and when it’s just right.  A little like Goldilocks with water and pretty cheap you can find it for under $10.

4.  Time for the kitchen, so for the most common places cabinet locks, drawer locks, any outlet plugs in the area, and if your child can reach the knobs on the oven they have baby proof items that can prevent them from touching it as well as locking the oven.  Even if you use your oven only for storage for lets say clothes or shoes you still want to make sure he can’t open the oven door and it hits him on the head.  (I may or may not be speaking from experience on this one 😉 At least if this had happened I had my Ouchie Cap on him within seconds.)

3.  People forget the dining room.  Take a good look around, do you have a nice China cabinet but its all higher so its not like your kid could open up anything well don’t forget kids like to shake and bang things that do not open.  Invest in securing your furniture, this goes for any wine racks, make sure you get all the wine out that can be reached and find a new hiding place for it.  Personally I advise you also have a hiding place for your own private wine stash that you don’t have to let anyone else know about.  The perfect place for mine is in the bathroom under the sink, my husband would never think to look there and it really makes for an even more peaceful bath and us parents deserve our downtime.

"Safety first is safety always." - Charles M. Hayes2.  Gates, Gates, Gates! I love gates! My son hates gates but boy are they my favorite.  Every house is different, at ours we need an enclosed gate so its basically a big circle, a glorified play pen but no matter how much he bangs (hes not at the weight max yet so this is just currently) this enclosed gate has not fallen over, and it has kept him safe in his enclosure where there are no outlets and I can get some laundry done, or cook etc.  Also gates at the bottom of the stairs and the top of the stairs are ideal if you do have a staircase.  As soon as kids start moving they love the staircase for some reason.

1.  You! Yes You! You are the key to baby safety.  You need your rest, I know it’s hard to find time, but if you don’t give yourself some Me time for resting or being able to drink a cup of coffee without having to hold a child or having your child pulling on your arm (another important baby safety note) you may not have the fast cheetah skills to head off your son who suddenly is trying out for the Olympic track team.  This is the hardest one and I do hope that you get your rest.  In case you don’t we find baby carriers to be wonderful ways to make sure they don’t leave your side quite literally so you may not be able to drink that coffee but at least you can get some other work done without having to run in the opposite direction to catch your son.

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