Hands Free Comfort For Your Child’s Head Boo-boos, Bumps, & Bruises

Hot and cold packs for boo boo’s are a must in every household, hands free ones… even better!

As parents, we all know children can be rambunctious.  That means, everyday objects like corners of tables, toys, or chairs can result in bumps and bruises really easily.  Having a kid friendly solution for cold therapy and warm therapy ready to go is very important.  

Using hot and cold packs together is a highly recommended method of treating injuries.  Specifically, using cold therapy first to reduce swelling and act as a numbing agent, then warm therapy to relax the tissue and muscles around the affected area and draw out the pain.

Toby the puppy and Tulip the bunny do much more than make hot & cold therapy hands free and convenient, they become friends with your child.  Toby & Tulip are there for every ouchie, to make it all better.  

Ouchies are around every corner and the Ouchie Cap helps your child get back to play time in no time!

Using Ouchie Cap’s gel packs COLD:

  • Slows the flow of blood to the affected area.
  • Reduces and even prevents bruising.
  • Relieves pain by acting as a topographical numbing agent.
  • Diminishes swelling.

Using the Ouchie Cap’s gel packs WARM:

  • Relaxes the muscles around an injury.
  • Draws out and soothes pain after swelling subsides.
  • Diminishes appearance of bruises