Here Is a Method That Is Helping My Child’s Ear Infection Symptoms Naturally

Do you feel totally inadequate as a parent when your child is screaming and tugging on her ear? Ear infection symptoms causing your child painful fits?  You would probably be willing to try anything, including advice from your parents, co-workers and the internet.

The main thing not to consider is antibiotics. They carry side-effects worse than ear infection symptoms. Why should your child suffer with diarrhea, stomach aches or rashes needlessly?

Earaches aren’t contagious. Ear infection symptoms usually resolve within 2-3 days if we apply watchful waiting.Earaches aren’t contagious. Ear infection symptoms usually resolve within 2-3 days if we apply watchful waiting.

You can take it from a mom who knows, after pacing the floor all night, grappling with a squirming, screaming baby, you-must-do-something. Walk across burning coals barefoot. Make an elixir from grasshopper legs and garlic.

Applying heat to the affected ear has worked for centuries. A sock filled with rice or salt and heated in the microwave helps ease the pain. A heating pad or warm washcloth provides comfort for ear infection symptoms.

However, ancient ways will do nothing to calm your screaming nerves. Because any of these require that you hold baby, try to keep her from wiggling and hold the warm thing against his ear.

So – here is a method that is helping my child’s ear infection symptoms naturally – the Ouchie Cap™. When I describe the simplicity behind this sweet cap, you’re totally gonna wish you’d thought of it first!

Imagine a cap shaped like a dog or bunny. Inside the cap are slots that hold two gel packs, which were designed for applying heat or cold therapy.

When ear infection symptoms manifest, just pop the gel packs into your microwave. Turn cap inside out and position gel packs over either or both ears. Turn the cap right-side out and put it on your little angel. Now, both of your hands will be free. You can cuddle or rock the baby until he/she drops off to sleep.

After heat, rest is the next best medicine for nasty ear infection symptoms.

Once the crisis is past, toss the cap in the washing machine and store the gel packs in the freezer. Because you never know when your curious child is going to bump his/her head and need cold therapy.

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