• Hands Free Relief For Children's Headaches

    Hands Free Relief For Children's Headaches

    “I love this cap!! It’s so convenient for me and my kids, I no longer have to hold the ice pack in place, the hat does it all for me.” – Kerri Luebke ORDER TODAY!
  • Removes The Sting of Hot & Cold Packs Directly On The Skin

    Removes The Sting of Hot & Cold Packs Directly On The Skin

    “Where was this when my older children were growing up. So much more useful then the booboo bunny.” – Amazon Customer ORDER TODAY!
  • Relief Has Never Been This Easy Or Adorable!

    Relief Has Never Been This Easy Or Adorable!

    “the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen” – K. Harris ORDER TODAY!

Natural & Hands Free Relief For Migraines & Headaches In Children

Headaches in children are very common, more common than you would think; so are migraines.  Often times, children do not know how to describe a migraine or a headache, and some times the symptoms are confused for other ailments and not treated for what they are.   

Using the Ouchie Cap’s cold packs as a COLD compress provides soothing cold therapy relief to your child’s migraine or headache by acting as a numbing agent, reducing the pain.

Additionally, place the warm packs in the microwave for a WARM compress,  as soothing warm therapy can relax the area of the head that’s affected and help relieve pain of a migraine or headache as well.

The kids cold packs & warm packs can be placed anywhere inside the cozy cap, and stay put, so they can be adjusted to go right where it hurts as we all know, headaches and migraines do not usually affect the entire head, rather are typically localized to certain areas.

Having a kid friendly, adorable solution for both cold therapy and warm therapy ready to go makes all the difference.  One that’s hands free is even better!

 Using Ouchie Cap’s gel packs COLD:

  •  Slows the flow of blood to the affected area.
  •  Reduces and even prevents bruising.
  •  Relieves pain by acting as a topographical numbing agent.
  • Diminishes swelling.

Using the Ouchie Cap’s gel packs WARM:

  •  Relaxes the muscles around an injury.  
  •  Draws out and soothes pain after swelling subsides.
  •  Diminishes appearance of bruises

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