Natural Earache Remedy For Toddlers

natural earache remedy is the first thing health conscious parents think of when their child gets an earache or ear infection.

Ouchie Cap is a hands free & natural earache earache remedy and ear infection symptom reliever for your child providing soothing & fun warm therapy.

Warm therapy draws out pain and acts as a soothing agent for y our little one’s earache or ear infection.

The kid friendly heat packs stay in place, making it the perfect natural ear infection remedy as the cap keeps the warm packs right over the affected ear, where you need them.

Earaches are not contagious, so simply wash the cap after use, and you’re ready to use it for everyday bumps and bruises too.

Having a kid friendly solution for warm therapy ready to go makes all the difference.  One that’s hands free, and can also be used for cold therapy too is even better!

Using Ouchie Cap’s gel packs COLD:

  • Slows the flow of blood to the affected area.
  • Reduces and even prevents bruising.
  • Relieves pain by acting as a topographical numbing agent.
  • Diminishes swelling.

Using the Ouchie Cap’s gel packs WARM:

  • Relaxes the muscles around an injury.
  • Draws out and soothes pain after swelling subsides.
  • Diminishes appearance of bruises