Natural Fever Reducer

Parents looking for a natural fever reducer, look no further.  Use the Ouchie Cap’s kid friendly cold packs as a hands free COLD compress to sooth your infant, toddler, or school age child’s fever symptoms quickly and effectively.

Also, try the Ouchie Cap’s gel packs in the microwave for 10 seconds to provide an adorable, hands free WARM compress to help with the chills related to fever symptoms.

Having a kid friendly natural fever reducer with both cold therapy and warm therapy ready to go makes all the difference.  One that’s hands free is even better!

The cap hold’s the gel packs in place, right where you need them, while you’re hands free to comfort your child.

  • 20% of all child ER visits are due to fevers.
  • Up to 80% of the bodies heat is lost through the head.

Using Ouchie Cap’s gel packs COLD:

  •  Slows the flow of blood to the affected area.
  •  Reduces and even prevents bruising.
  •  Relieves pain by acting as a topographical numbing agent.
  • Diminishes swelling.

Using the Ouchie Cap’s gel packs WARM:

  •  Relaxes the muscles around an injury.  
  •  Draws out and soothes pain after swelling subsides.
  •  Diminishes appearance of bruises