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2 Gel Packs w/ Comforting Cap For Boys & Girls Ages 1+

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  • Ouchie Cap is just what you’ve needed to make relieving every day boo boo’s, earache’s, and more super easy, while putting a smile on your little one’s face too!
  • FOR:  Boys & Girls AGES:  1+
  • CONVENIENCE:  You and your child no longer need to hold hot and cold packs in place.
  • COMFORT:  Take away the sting of hot and cold packs directly on the skin and eliminate the condensation from ice packs.
  • EFFECTIVE:  Naturally relieve pain and reduce swelling fast.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE:  The hot and cold packs can also be used outside of the cap.  Plus your child will love to wear the cap even without an ouchie.

Relieving Your Child’s Every Day Boo Boo’s, Earache’s, Fever’s, and More Has Never Been This Easy or Adorable!


SWEET FREEBIE: We’ll send you the accompanying coloring book to download and print for your little one!


Bumps and Bruises

Earaches and Ear Infections


Headaches and Migraines

AND: Use the hot and cold packs OUTSIDE of the cap to effecitvely relieve:

Teething Pain

Bug Bites and Bee Stings


Dravet Syndrome Symptom Relief

Hemophilia Symptom Relief


Convenience: You’re hands free and no longer need to hold hot and cold packs in place.

Comfort: Takes away the sting of hot and cold packs directly on the skin while also eliminating the condensation that comes from ice packs.

Effective: Relieves pain and reduces swelling fast.

Child Safe: The hot and cold packs are non-toxic, latex free, and even water soluble.

Durable: The hot and cold packs are super durable and will not burst.

Machine Washable: Just throw the cap in the washing machine and you’re all set.

Multi-Purpose: It’s a cozy cap your child will love to wear even without an ouchie!

Microwave and Freezer Safe: Use the gel packs warm or cold. We recommend about 25 minutes or so in the freezer, and 10-20 seconds in the microwave so they’re just right.


1) Place the hot and cold packs in the freezer for 20 minutes for cold therapy, or microwave for 10 seconds for warm therapy. (NOTE: You can also place the gel packs in a bowl of hot water to heat.)

2) Insert the hot and cold packs inside the Ouchie Cap anywhere, even over the ears, they’ll stay put!

3) Place the Ouchie Cap on your child’s head and fasten velcro-strap so it’s comfy..

4) OR Use the hot and cold packs outside of the cap, anywhere it hurts, from head to toe.


When should I use the cold packs?

Cold therapy acts as a topographical analgesic, slowing the flow of blood to the affected area and numbing the pain. Works great for bumps and bruises and headaches.

When should I use the heat packs?

Warm therapy relaxes the muscle tissue of the affected area, draws out pain, and prevents bruising. Warm therapy is the best way to naturally relieve earache pain. Also, warm therapy is intended to follow cold therapy to work in tandem on bruises, sprains, and more.

How long do the hot and cold packs keep their temperature?

The hot and cold packs are good to go for about 30 minutes.

Do the hot and cold packs only work inside the Ouchie Cap?

Nope! The hot and cold packs are non-toxic, latex free, and water soluble, so they can be used anywhere on the body, even for teething.

Will the Ouchie Cap fit my child?

Yep! The Ouchie Cap has a unique one size fits all design. As a rule of thumb, it fits most infants, toddlers, and school age children.

Make It All Better And A Smile With Ouchie Cap!

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13 reviews for Toby The Puppy

  1. Betty

    Cool Gel n Cap is a very innovative and unique product for the parents that are always on the go.

  2. Kristi Snellville

    We love our Cool Gel N Cap so much that we ordered a second cap to keep in his pre-school bag!

  3. Brian

    Best baby/toddler product!! My wife and I have tried all kinds of ice packs to use when our little one bumps her head and this product is the only one that has worked. She gets so distracted by wearing a “doggie” hat that she does not even feel the coolness of the ice packs. GREAT INNOVATION. Our daughter loves it!

  4. Stephen I. Giroux

    Cold treatment is such an effective tool, but it is always challenging to get children to keep it on. These cute animal character hats will help create excitement for the treatment. They’re really cool.”

  5. Dr. Shawn Cotton

    The “Toby” Cool Gel N Cap is a welcome addition to help our children get the appropriate local care for lumps and bumps they get day to day.

  6. Jennifer Miller

    What I like about it is that your child won’t have to sit there and hold something up to their head it sits on their head like a hat kind of like the winter caps they sell and there are inserts to slide the gel packet in.

  7. Kerri Luebke

    I love this cap!! It’s so convenient for me and my kids, I no longer have to hold the ice pack in place, the hat does it all for me. My daughter loves the character “Toby”. The cap can also be used for earaches. I highly recommend this cap. Love it..

  8. W Hoyt

    Our daughter thinks this is the coolest thing, thankfully we have only had to use it once but it was wonderful!!!!!

  9. delicateflower152

    The first thing I noticed about the “Cool Gel N Cap, Kids Ice Packs and Hot & Cold Packs plus Cap, Toby First Aid Cap” was the quality of its construction. The cap’s soft, knit exterior is lined using a soft T-shirt knit fabric. Toby’s face is embroidered on the cap’s front panel and extends down into the bill of the cap. There are no loose threads or frayed seams anywhere on the cap.

    The Velcro fastening on the ¾” wide strap is about 1 ½” long. Not only does that allow for secure closure, but it also allows some “growth” room. A pocket in the front of the cap allows you to place a warm or cold pack for those forehead bumps. The larger pocket, opening in the back, extends from side to side and gives you the option of placing the warm or cold insert over either ear or at the back of your little one’s head.

    This cap fit my granddaughter well, but was a stretch for her five-year old brother. (Both children have head circumferences in the 97th percentile.) However, since the packs can be used without the cap, I was still able to use the cold one to soothe my grandson’s most recent bump.

    The “Cool Gel N Cap, Kids Ice Packs and Hot & Cold Packs plus Cap, Toby First Aid Cap” is a cute, clever product that is extremely useful. I recommend it to any parent or grandparent who has little ones visiting or living in their home.

  10. NyReckDiver

    At first, I doubted the value of this type of product. However, after receiving it and trying it, I became a believer.

    The product is constructed very well and fit both our 7 year old and 13 year old. The product comes with two high-quality gelpacks. The design is very useful as well. The cap has two pockets, one on the inside front for the forehead or front top of head with a second larger pocket that runs from side to side so you can place the cold/warm pack on an ear or the back of the head if needed. There is also a chin strap that will keep the cap on. The gel packs can also be used alone, without the hat.

    The cap is highly functional and high-quality and definitely worth the money.

  11. Theresa M. Studer

    This is so precious. How can any mom resist an item that serves double duty? This cap in my opinion will fit ages 1 to 3 years of age and possibly a little older depending on your child’s head size. The cap is well made with beautiful embroidery on the front for the face of the dog. It is a knit cap so will have some stretch to it and the ears are made of fleece. There is also a chin strap to keep the cap on your little one.

    The cap has two pockets, one on the inside front for any boo boo’s that might have happened to the forehead or front top of head. There is also a second larger pocket that runs from side to side so you can place the cold/warm pack on an ear or the back of the head if needed. “The gel packs are 4″ round and about 1/4” thick. Even when your child outgrows the cap the gel packs are the perfect size for boo boo’s on the knees or arms. This item is a gem and I wish I had had one when my girls were small. I’m sure this will be well used with the grandchildren since a couple of them take after me and are accident prone. I would buy this without blinking.

  12. Betty L. Dravis

    This is too cute to work! That’s what I first thought when seeing this, but I got it anyway, knowing my grandson would enjoy wearing the hat to “play in” whether he liked it with the gel packs in it or not.

    As predicted, he does love the cheerful puppy hat and wears it around the house at times. And when he has a fever, he welcomes the cooled gel pack … no matter whether I place it on his forehead, over his ears or at base of his neck.

    Another use we make of this cap is by placing a heated gel pack at base of neck to keep him warm after his swim meets. Besides that, my son enjoys sitting outside on nippy evening and he’s been seen warming a gel pack, placing it in the cute cap and wearing it outside. I’m sure you will come up with your own ways of using this helpful product.

    In addition to functionality, I’m very pleased with the quality of workmanship on the cap and the gel packs.

  13. Jeanette W.

    My 9 month old son is experiencing some really rough teething symptoms. He has 102 fever and when I discovered this cap I immediatley bought one. I bought it in the morning and I was looking forward to having it to use for the next day, I chose the overnight shipping option. Unfortunately, the website made an error and undercharged me by $24; I live in Hawaii, so shipping costs are always more, but I had no cause to question the fee. The company’s founder offered to refund the $6.51 that I was charged and send the cap by 2-3 day shipping. I was disappointed, but not angry and I agreed to the 2-3 day shipping. When the company’s founder found out about my son he told me the cap would be shipped overnight at the company’s expense. This was amazing. I never expected him to do this, but I’m so thankful that he did. I don’t even have my cap yet, but I know that this is a company that I would definitely do business with again. This company cares about its customers and I know that I will see the same care in the product that I receive. If you have doubt about purchasing the product, just give it a chance because this company goes out of its way to provide great customer service.

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