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Adorable & Hands Free Relief For Your Child’s Ouchies, Oopsies, & Boo Boo’s

For Infants, Toddlers, & School Age Children

“I love this cap!! It’s so convenient for me and my kids, I no longer have to hold the ice pack in place, the hat does it all for me. ” – Kerri Luebke
  • You & Your Child No Longer Need To Hold Ice Packs In Place

  • It’s A Comfy Cozy Cap Your Child Will Want To Wear Even Without A Boo Boo

  • An Adorable Distraction While Soothing Everyday Ouchies, Oopsies, & Boo Boo’s

  • Take Away The Sting of Hot and Cold Packs Directly On The Skin

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How Cool Gel N Cap Helps

1)  Insert the 2 included child safe, non-toxic, gel packs in the Cool Gel N Cap cold or warm.  They stay put right where you need em’!

2)  Place the cap on your little one so it’s comfy.  The strap fits comfortably around the chin to hold it in place.  It’s unique one size fits all design will make sure it fits cozy.

3)  You & your child are now hands free to enjoy natural, soothing relief.  Cool Gel N Cap is a cold & warm compress your child will actually want to wear!

4)  OR… use the reusable gel packs OUTSIDE of the cap, anywhere it hurts!  They’re non-toxic, latex free, & even water soluble.  

Plus… It’s A Comfy Cozy Cap!

Your Child Will Wear The Cap All The Time!  Even Without An Ouchie Or A Boo Boo!


  • Cozy One Size Fits All Design
  • Fabric Allows Cold & Warm Therapy To Get Through
  • Gel Packs Can Be Placed Anywhere & Stay Put
  • Machine Washable
  • Fabric Prevents Typical Ice Pack Condensation
  • Comfy Chin Strap Makes The Cap Fit Just Right
  • Reusable
  • Non-toxic
  • Latex Free
  • Water Soluble
  • Freezer & Microwave Safe
  • Extra Durable, Gel Packs Do Not Burst 

Natural, Soothing Relief For Your Child’s:


“Does the cold / warm therapy work through the cap?”

You betcha! The material is designed not only to let the cold / warm therapy get through the cap, but also to remove the sting & condensation typically associated with ice packs.

“How long do the gel packs go in the freezer / microwave?”

They’re ready to go after about 20 minutes in the freezer and they’re “just right” after 10 seconds in the microwave!

“How long do the gel packs stay warm / cold?”

They keep their temperature for about 30 minutes.  REMEMBER:  Cold therapy & warm therapy work best in tandem, cold therapy first, followed by warm therapy.

“Will the Cool Gel N Cap fit my child?”

Yep! The Cool Gel N Cap’s one size fits all design is made for infants, toddlers, to school age children.

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Parents Love The Cool Gel N Cap!

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Doctors Recommend The Kid’s First Aid Cap!


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Get the accompanying coloring book for your child for FREE! Simply enter your email.
Get the accompanying coloring book for your child for FREE! Simply enter your email.

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Adorable & hands free relief for your child's ouchies, oopsies, & boo boo's. AND it's a comfy cozy cap your child will love to wear!


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