Does it seem that just about everyone ignored your baby shower wishes? Frustrating, isn’t it? Unfortunately, most people prefer shopping for little bitty pretties or plush stuffed animals. So, if you didn’t get the one thing you desperately wanted – a Ouchie Cap™ – you may want to consider buying it yourself.

Perhaps you overheard several moms buzzing about this incredible invention. That the cute cap acts as either a cold or warm compress to naturally relieve pain and reduce swelling. It’s too true, yet barely taps the surface of the amazing benefits and capabilities of the Cool Gel N Cap™.

The First Aid Cap For Kids Ear Infection Symptoms And Earaches. 75% of children will have suffered at least 1 earache by their 3rd birthday.You will receive two non-toxic, reusable gel packs with the sweetest character-shaped cap ever. The gel packs are latex free and you can place them on the affected area, inside or outside the cap. Store in the freezer for the times your child develops a headache or fever. When he presents with an ear infection or chills from fever, just pop the packs in the microwave.

Cool Gel N Cap, Kids First Aid Cap is a perfect baby shower gift. that can be used for years!Couldn’t be easier! Plus, this cozy cap does away with drippy frozen vegetables or stinging skin associated with conventional ice packs. The Ouchie Cap™ is specially designed to eliminate condensation coupled with regular cold packs.

You can choose from two designs – little boys love Toby the puppy and little girls adore Tulip the Bunny. The caps come with matching gel packs. Carrots (what else) are on Tulip’s and paw prints on Toby’s. Best yet, these familiar animals aren’t scary and your kid won’t scream like when you’re chasing him around, waving a bag of frozen peas.

In actuality, you’ll give yourself two gifts in one. The gel packs alone would cost as much as the cap and you get them free.

Today’s savvy parents are relying more and more on the “old ways”. After all, why poke a pill down baby’s throat when you can turn to natural heat or cool therapy instead.

Since you didn’t get the Ouchie Cap™ at your baby shower, why not order one now? You’ll pay $16.99 upfront, but future dividends will pay off big time!

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